Pet Parents

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Kevin Held

  A new online survey shows an interesting trend among young couples. Many are now choosing to put off having children, at least not of the human kind. Instead they are choosing to become "pet parents".

  "We're in our 30s. And I always figured by now we'd be wanting to have kids. And now, we just kind of don't at all," says pet parent Stephanie Davies. They are parents now, to a dog who needs extra care and love and is getting plenty of it.

  Dee Dee is an 8-year-old yellow lab, a rescue who was so overweight and arthritic her chances of finding a home weren't great. For Stephanie and her husband Erik, being Dee Dee's parents is enough.

  "She's our baby. She's the equivalent," Erik says.   More young couples are opting for dogs now, with many choosing older dogs instead of puppies. One online survey recently found 61-percent of young pet owners would rather adopt an older dog than a puppy.

  "They're so much better than puppies. I do not understand why people opt for puppies," Stephanie says.

  "Of course they're wonderful because they're little and baby anything is adorable, but with getting an older dog, she's potty trained, she's a lot more chilled. She likes to sleep all the time," says Erik. And that's perfect for a busy working couple who may not have time for a child or puppy, but have enough money for a dog like Dee Dee's medical needs, as well as plenty of love.

  "We just smother her with love and make sure she's comfortable at all times, and we just absolutely adore her," Erik says.KNBC


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