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Rubber Doggies is
6 days a week!

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Grooming Hours:
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Mon - Sat As Early As 8:30 AM

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3929 Cibolo Valley Drive #240
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Here at Rubber Doggies we only use 100% natural, biodegradable shampoos, conditioners, ear cleaners and skin and coat conditioners also known as "Spritzers."

What is included in a grooming?
First let us assure all of our customers that Rubber Doggies does not use Kennel Dryers.

When you bring your dog to Rubber Doggies for a groom he or she will get a five star treatment. Rubber Doggies staff will start with a quick review of what you want done today as we check your baby into our system.

Once your dog is checked in he or she will receive a good brush down, his or her nails will be clipped and by special request the nails can be smoothed via grinding. Rubber Doggies staff will always try to get the nails as short a possible; however, some dog's quick can grow long and dont permit the nails to be clipped as short as we would want them to be. The ears will be clean and plucked (not all breeds need plucking.)

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Next your dog will receive as many washes as necessary to get his or her coat clean, Rubber Doggies' staff will wash until the water rinses clear. As a minimum Rubber Doggies' staff will give every dog two washes and two rinses.

Once you baby is clean and passes the "smell test" Rubber Doggies staff will dry him or her with a shammy first then with towels and thirdly we will use force air dryers to give him or her a one on one thorough dry down. Using a hand held dryer makes for a fluffier and shinier coat. No kennel dryers!

The groomer will finish by giving your baby their breed specific cut, or if you request it, your specific cut. This will include trimming the hair under the paws and a sanitary trim. Once your baby is beautified a skin and coat conditioner will be applied which gives them the finishing touch.

Once your baby is done Rubber Doggies' staff will contact you immediately to let you know your baby is ready for pick up.