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   Are You My Owner?
   Want To Adopt Me? ! ! !

  Hi! I cannot remember my name but I know it is not "Salt," I have been away from my home for some time now. I was found hanging in Spring Tree. I know I can't tell directions, but I am sure I was lost from much further than Springtree. At least I think so, because the nice people who found me took me walking for a long time I did not see my house.

  They keep calling me Salt, that is not my name, but I still answer to it, because I love the food they give me. I am a little shy, but I warm up to people quickly. I am full of love! I miss my owner as much as they must miss me too.

  If you know who I am, can you help me find my owners? If you like me, I am well behave and do not like to chew on anything. I do love to play and to be on peoples lap. Try me and I will give you all my love.

I would love to stay where I am at now, but they have too many dogs. Although I love to play with them all, I want a family of my own.

please call Rubber Doggies at (210) 659 - 3000 today
please call Rubber Doggies at (210) 659 - 3000 today

If you are "Salt's" (not his name) Owner or if you would like to adopt Salt, Please Call Rubber Doggies directly at
(210) 659 - 3000
and Rubber Doggies will reward you with
a Free Full Service Wash, a Free Reflective Collar, and a Free Reflective Leash.

  My Name is TAWNY
  I Need your help ! ! !

   Hi Twany Needs A Home. Tawny has been a wonderful part of our family but due to an upcoming move and children's allergies, we must give her away before 20 September.
   She is a 5 year old female, retriever/border collie mix we've had since she was 3 months old. Excellent with kids. House trained. Loves to play ball and go places. Used to living indoors, might be okay outside if there is another pet to keep her company.
   Great health history, always kept her shots up to date. She is current on shots as of June 2012. Call Candace at (254)258-7717 or email candace1@earthlink.net

please Call Candace at (254)258-7717 or email her at candace1@earthlink.net

If you are able to give Tawny a new home, Call Candace at (254)258-7717 or email her at candace1@earthlink.net,
and Rubber Doggies will reward you with
a Free Wash, a Free Reflective Collar, and a Free Reflective Leash.

   Need your help ! ! !

   Hi My Name is Mia (my-ah). I am a black and white Husky with beautiful blue eyes. I last saw my parents on March 20, 2012 and I need your help finding my way back to them.

  If you or someone you know has seen me, please call my parents at and let them know wher I am. My Parents can be reached at (219) 246 - 6739 "I miss them as much as they miss me, and I want to be back home."

< DIV>04/08/2012 please call my parents at (219) 246 - 6739 today

If you help Mia make her way back home, Rubber Doggies will reward you with a Free
Reflective Collar and Leash set.

   Rocky Needs a Hero!
   Please help ! ! !

  Rocky has been missing since the beginning of October and he needs your help.

  Rocky has a distinguishing mark on his right rear hip that is visible in the attached photo. It is about 2 inches long x 1 1/2 inches high and appears as a bald spot. Rocky is very shy, dedicated and slow to warm up to those he isn't familiar with. He also is slow to warm up to other dogs. When he does make friends, he prefers women over men.

  Rocky is very playful and will come to his name, go get his toys when asked and loves to play fetch. He likes to shower with me but is shy when you try to put him in the pool or other bodies of water. He likes to be on top of the highest piece of furniture in the house and snuggles best when in bed at night where he likes to sleep under the covers.

  Rocky is micro chipped and neutered but you can't see his neutering scare. He is all white and his hair is curly. He does get the typical Bichon Frise discoloration at the corners of his eyes when he is kenneled and sad.

  Rocky had a black and white coach collar on with a studded bone shaped engraved name tag with "Rocky" on the front of the tag. It has two phone cell numbers on the back of the tag, one being mine 830-377-2320 and the other is Ken McKenzie 210-599-2228. Only the cell numbers, not our names, are on the back of the tag.

Call the owner for a reward!!! Call Ronda at 830-377-2320 or Ken McKenzie 210-599-2228.
Become Rocky's hero!!! Call Ronda at 830-377-2320 or Ken McKenzie 210-599-2228

If you find Rocky and become the hero who takes him home,
Rubber Doggies will reward you with a
Free Self-Service Wash.

   Orphan Puppy
  Adopted In One Day ! ! !

    This Orphan Puppy was found on the streets of FM 78 running for his life. He was running in the middle of the road with no collar and no chip and base on the condition he was found in he is believe to be a Stray. Tia was brave enough to go running (in the middle of the road) to save this puppy from being hit by oncoming traffic.
   Orphan Puppy has been washed and cleaned from fleas, he is as smart as he is cute and looking for a home. He weights about 5-7 lb and is being foster by Tia Leas.
   If you or someone you know is looking to adopt please contact Tia Leas Directly Phone # 1(309)265-5190 E-Mail: tialeas25@yahoo.com

Orphan Puppy Needs Your Help!!! Call Tea Leas 1(309)265-5190 E-Mail: tialeas25@yahoo.com

Thanks to you this puppy now has a home with a loving family.
Thank you!

   Chief Has Been Found !!!
   Thank you for your help ! ! ! !

   Chief loves his family, but decided to take a look around his neighborhood, unfortunately he was not able to find his way back home.
   Chief's home is in Schertz and he was last seen Saturday September 24th @ 4pm on Aviation in Schertz Please keep your eyes open for this lovable pal as he looks for his family.
   If you or someone you know has seen Chief, please call his family at 210-548-5846

Chief has been found!!! Thank you for your Help!!! Call his family at 210-548-5846

If you have found Chief, Please find it in your heart to re-unite him with his family and
Rubber Doggies will reward you with a
Free Self-Service Wash.

   Scrappy is back home
Thanks for your help !!!

  Scrappy went missing Friday Sep 9th, he is a lovable Yellow Lab and if you meet him he will steal your heart. Scrappy is now safe and sound with his family. Scrappy's family would like to thank all who helped in the search.

Thanks ! ! !

9/12/2011 Scrappy is home!!!


This lovely dog was in need for new parents and One of Rubber Doggies' customers was nice enough to adopt Ivory.

Thank you Ditter for adopting Ivory

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